Thalès Services offers top quality reconditioned wine barrels for sale. These include French and American oak, white and red barrels of various ages.

  • 1st FILL - contained wine once already
  • 2nd FILL - contained wine twice before
  • 3rd FILL - contained wine three times before
  • 4th FILL - contained wine four times before

Thalès reconditioned barrels are shaved externally, branded and completely decontaminated internally for your assurance. The barrels pass our strict quality control procedure and look like new.

We have barrel hygiene systems in place and understand all the risks in terms of volatile acidity (VA), microbial spoilage (e.g. Brettanomyces) and chemical (TCA) contamination.


We have an extensive range of decorative barrels and products for sale. These range from the normal flowerpot (half barrel) to cheese platter boards.

What is a deco barrel?
"Deco" is short for decorative. These barrels are wine barrels that have been down-graded and they are not suitable for wine ageing. Wine barrels that are too old or do not pass our strict quality procedures can be determental for wine quality and they become deco barrels.

We do custom-made concepts and branding so you are welcome to contact us with your requirements. Our team is very talented and enjoy a challenge.